Poszukuje ludzi chętnych do pracy przy naprawie smartphonów BlackBerry!

Startujemy z nowym biznesem od 19.03.2012, dlatego czas jest mocno limitowany...

Firma znajduje się na terenie Schiphol-Rijk i obecnie współpracuje z takimi markami jak Apple, Seagate, TomTom oraz Riverbed.

Dostępne pozycje:

Receiving (odbiór telefonów w systemie i odpowiednie ich ukierunkowanie)
PDW (funkcjonalny test telefonu oraz czyszczenie informacji)
Dissasembling (diagnozowanie, wprowadzanie informacji do systemu, rozmontowywanie telefonu)
Assembling/Material Kitting/Rework (po diagnozie zamiana uszkodzonych podzespołów)
Software Load (ładowanie najnowszego OS)
Quality Check

Praca przez holenderską agencję (namiary na priv), co znaczy, że osoba zainteresowana posiada konto w banku, sofi, mieszkanie oraz wie jak dojechać do pracy samemu. Język angielski wymagany.

Poniżej oryginał:

Job Description: Operator RIM

About Jabil Global Services
Jabil Global Services is a world-class provider of performance and quality based end-to-end reverse supply chain solutions for the leading OEM and ODM technology leaders. Jabil Global Services is a fully integrated extension of Jabil Circuit"s industry leading Technology, Design, Manufacturing, and Distribution services. Our single-source product lifecycle management methodology delivers real business value to our customers, including process efficiencies, cost savings, and a continuous feedback loop that facilitates improvements in next generation design, manufacturing, and serviceability.

About the Schiphol, Amsterdam facility
The Schiphol, Amsterdam facility is approximately 6 years old. It serves a number of leading computer hardware and network equipment companies generating annual revenue of
$ 25 million and has close to 100 employees. The facility is currently going through a lot of change and provides a fast moving, international environment.

Job Summary
Perform manufacturing processes that ensure the correct and efficient building and testing of quoted goods and products.
Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities
•Inserts parts on assemblies or sub-assemblies according to visual aids.
•Replenishes stock or parts at workstation and calculates quantity of parts to be prepped and ready to use at any time.
•Audits material kits, issues material to the line, reports scrap and maintains clean and organized work area.
•Actively participates in team activities/projects, communicates effectively to team, attends team meetings and displays a high level of teamwork.
•Rotates regularly and often in three of the following positions:
-Soldering - Inspects the accuracy of machine and manual placement of parts along with their solder ability.
-Machine Operator - Ensures the accuracy and continual operation of automated manufacturing equipment.
-Tester I - Operates automated electronic test equipment

Education and Experience
MBO (preference MTS)
Technical skills (strong preference Mobility market)
Experience repairing Mobile phones
Key Competencies
Can work independently and in a team
Ability to operate under pressure
Able to deliver effective results, meet tight deadlines and targets

Jeżeli czujesz, że jesteś osobą spełniającą powyższe wymagania zapraszam na priv z pytaniami, bądź prosze o wysłanie CV na ravrage83@gmail.com